Stone Sourcing Service

stone_sourcing3Responsible sourcing of materials is becoming the central issue for many projects.

Many construction projects – especially those publicly funded –  are being certified by environmental assessment methods such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) or similar schemes.  The sourcing of stone is one of the critical issues affecting a high environmental rating in relation to the sourcing materials, as it is most likely the heaviest commodity delivered to the construction site.  Questions surrounding transportation and CO2 emissions need to be addressed, as well as ethical practices in relation to labour conditions for stone workers.

Via our library supporters – that include certified BRE Accredited Professionals – we are able to provide a professional stone sourcing and recommendation service to ensure that the material supplied is sustainable/responsibly sourced, and meets the requirements of the environmental assessment criteria your project demands.

For more information about the responsible sourcing of construction products please see