Slip & Skid Testing Service

Pendulum Slip Resistance TesterFloor and paving material must comply with slip and skid resistance criteria in both dry and wet conditions.  Through The Ethical Stone Company – one of the Stone Library’s supporters –  we are able to provide a fully compliant slip and skid testing service; either for in-house tested samples or on-site interior and exterior situations.

‘Slip’ resistance refers to pedestrian surface whereas for vehicle traffic, ‘skid’ resistance is used.  Our Portable Skid Resistance Tester (also known as the British Pendulum Tester) is the recognised scientific instrument for assessing the slip or skid risk posed by any surface and is regularly calibrated by the BSI to BS 7976 – 3.  All slip and skid resistance tests are carried out in accordance with BS 7976 – 2 and can form part of your risk register when assessing existing or new surface materials.

>> Example of a SLIP Resistance test report.
>> Example of a SKID Resistance test report.


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