Slip & Skid Resistance Testing

Paving_Slip_Hazardpaving_slip_tester2The Portable Skid Resistance Tester (also known as the British Pendulum Tester) is the recognised scientific instrument for assessing the slip or skid risk posed by any surface.

Originally developed in the 1940s by Percy Sigler to measure the Slip Resistance of floors in government buildings, the instrument was adopted and redesigned by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).  This TRL instrument is an essential tool for anyone who is responsible for ensuring that the risk of accidents due to slippery internal or external walking surfaces is minimised.

Our TRL instrument is available for use by library members to *help assess the slip potential of many walking surfaces including: stone; concrete; brick; glass & ceramic tiles etc.  Training on how to use the tester and interpret the results will be provided by one of our consultants.  Standard  interpretations for Pendulum Test Values (PTV) are as follows:

High slip potential 0-24 ptv
Moderate slip potential 25-35 ptv
Low slip potential 36 + ptv

We also offer a slip and skid resistance testing service. Click here.

For more information on slip resistance testing, please see the UK Health & Safety Executive Technical Information Sheet here

*Please note that whilst our in-house slip test is helpful in terms of guidance for the selection of material and finished texture – it is for design guidance purposes only. Although our machine provides accurate readings and is calibrated to BS 812-114: 1989,  it is recommended that the final choice of material be independently tested. No responsibility can be accepted for by The Stone Library or its supporters for any liability resulting from the choice of material or its finish that has been tested by library members.